'King Tut', Mummy & Coffins | 3D Exploded view

Dynamic 3D exploded view. Tutankhamun's open nested Ancient Egyptian coffins, revealing the mummy with unravelling bandages and some of the elaborate items of jewellery and treasures found within the coffin and linen burial wrapping. Photorealistic digital painting.

Historical illustration | Tutankhamun's open nested coffins, revealing the mummy and some of the items found within the coffin and linen burial wrapping, including the Golden Diadem (headband), carefully concealed under the ornate portrait death mask, golden collars, golden hands with the 'Cult of Osiris' flail & crook, golden fingers, toes & sandals, burial dagger, jewelled pendants & Ma'at goddess.

13.5 Things | DK

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