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The Great Depression of the 1930s

A selection of realistic pencil drawings depicting The Great Depression. Including the Wall Street and Nassau Street sign, the California migration - a family packing their vehicle fleeing the dustbowl caused by drought, a Hooverville shack, a South African gold cart on tracks, Chilean miners queuing at a soup kitchen, a Soviet Union factory and Brazilian coffee sacks on fire. Historical illustration.

Historical illustration / Pencil drawings | Wall Street & Nassau Street sign, New York; California dustbowl migration: A family packing their belongings into their car, abandoning their home, fleeing the severe drought of south-western Great Plains; Hooverville shack, as seen at one of the many homeless encampments during that time; South Africa gold cart: The country was saved from a complete collapse from the effects of the depression by the gold mining industry, as the price of gold rose rapidly when investors sought a haven from the dead securities market; Chilean miners queuing at a soup kitchen: Chile was the worst affected nation by the 1930s depression and numerous soup kitchens sprang up in the capital city, Santiago; Soviet Union factory: While the west suffered, basic Soviet manufacturing grew; Brazilian coffee sacks on fire: The Brazilian coffee market crashed, resulting in a massive surplus of coffee being destroyed.

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