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dawn countryside landscape painting, cambrian hills, wales, murmuration of birds forming 2019 in the sky, natural history illustration

Stuart Jackson-Carter is a versatile, knowledgeable illustrator, established since 1996, with a solid, professional reputation for producing colourful, digitally painted and traditional watercolour illustrations, to exacting standards. Stuart's work can be found in numerous illustrated books and magazines, on packaging, advertising, exhibition stand artwork and in the BBC TV series 'Origins of Us'. Click on the 'Origins' link to view some anthropological drawings and a 'Human Moment' storyboard timeline used in the series.

SJC is actually a friendly, experienced team of two, passionate about bringing visual communication to life for our clients across the globe.

Maj Jackson-Carter is also a creative professional with many years experience in the fields of fine art, graphic design & marketing, desk-top publishing and illustration.

We understand the pressures on you, the Publisher, Editor, Art Buyer, Art Director or Designer, to find just the right illustrator to help make your project vibrant and alive and we are confident we can help you achieve this. We look forward to hearing about your next exciting commission!

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Black devil angler fish, photorealistic digital painting, book illustration

If you are looking for something specific please get in touch, as we have many other examples of work not shown on the website.

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