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The final folio of ...well, just great artwork!

From photorealistic digital paintings to stylized artworks you can see scientific, technical, natural sciences, natural history, energy & environment, anthropological, 3D exploded view and vector infographics by Stuart and Maj Jackson-Carter. For publishing, packaging, interactive electronic learning, magazine features, information guides and brand advertising & marketing.

tutankhamun-mummy-and-coffins defending-a-castle dinosaur-landscape_dino-park-foundation butterflies-plate blue-whale_divers_size-comparison historical-ships energy-generation-and-consumption how-to-build-a-bog-garden moon-earth-tides raised-vegetable-beds great-hammerhead-shark red-bellied-piranha-life-cycle evolution-timeline_broadband-choices giant-wave_and-surfer philippine-tarsier-with-baby disease-cycle garden-for-nesting-birds geological-timescale-infographic mammoth-hunters mosquito-kaleidoscope worms-in-the-ground_cutaway pitcher-plant_life-cycle megalosaurus_skeleton tiger-shark-with-pups de-brazzas-monkey prehistoric-sea-creatures hurricane-formation caudipteryx-feathered-dinosaur shrimp-life-cycle pregnancy-in-utero compsognathus-dinosaur-study hog-nosed-skunk-life-cycle kittiwake_rissa-tridactyla pond-life_pond-cutaway madagascar-tree-boa_life-cycle

We hope you have enjoyed viewing the SJC Illustration online portfolio and perhaps you have found just the type of creative illustrator you were looking for! So, please hit the contact button and get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you visually bring your project to life. ...And remember, we don't bite!

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